Five things to Never say to a Single Man

Last time we looked at some well meaning advice to single ladies that can come across as a rude comments. But what not to say to a single man. Here are some examples. Have you tried online dating? Yes, my new online girlfriend name is Virus and her home address is! There are so many [Read more...]

How to cope with stress

Do you feel that everything is too much, are you overloaded and do you wonder whether you can cope with all the pressure placed up on you? It may seem that there´s nothing you can do about stress. But you can. Give your self a minute or two and take a deep breath. Managing stress is all about [Read more...]

Five things to Never say to a Single Lady

Sometimes well meaning advice can come across as a rude comments to your singles friends. Here are some examples. You´re not trying hard enough. What! I´m not trying at all. I´m single by choice, not by fate. You´re too picky. Really! Have you ever seen me shoe shopping! Get back out there. [Read more...]

How to succeed?

We all have dreams of success but how can we do it? No one is born successful. We all need to work for success. But how do we succeed? Have a vision. Your vision is your idealized picture of your future. Set goals towards your vision. Remember to have your goals achievable and S.M.A.R.T., Specific, [Read more...]
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