Beauty and Style

10 Beauty Commandments

10 Beauty Commandments I Shall Drink Water daily I Shall Eat Clean (not processed food) 6 days a week I Shall Exercise regularly I Shall wash my makeup off before I go to sleep I Shall get a good night sleep I Shall keep my skin moisturized I Shall use sunscreen when leaving the house I Shall start [Read more...]

Colors and some more colors

What to wear to the gym this spring? Colors! Yes, lots of colors. Colorful shirts and tops and both pants and leggings in multiple colors. The rainbow rules this spring and summer. Take a look at what is “new in” from brands like Under Armor, Nike, Lululemon, MPG and more. Have fun [Read more...]

Bad nail day after good work in your garden?

When the soil gets under your fingernails it can be quite tricky to get it off. I like to put my fingers into warm water with a bit of baking soda before I try to wash them. After washing my hands I use Vaseline Jelly on my fingers and over the nails and cuticle. After the Vaseline has sets I [Read more...]
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