Seek the World with Calvin Young

Calvin Young quit his Start-Up career to travel the World. He is deaf but does not let his disability affect his dream of travelling around the world. His travel started in September 2014 when he took off with a couple buddies to backpack in Southeast Asia and Europe. So his loved ones where able [Read more...]

Get “RichFluenced”

One of my favorite LinkedIn influencer to follow is Sir Richard Branson. This golden hair founder of Virgin Group is  not just a successful businessman and investor but also a visionary who believes in turning ideas into reality. A true entrepreneur. His posts and quotes inspires others. His [Read more...]

When life knocks you down….

Some phrases or part of them tend to get popular on the internet. When life knocks you down… is one of those phrases but with different endings. We decided to play a little bit with the words and wonder how some athletes would end their phrase. The Yoga instructor: When life knocks you [Read more...]
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