Brazil’s Girl Power

If you thought Brazilian women were all about being just beautiful and sexy, think again. According to a massive study of Gender in the Global Research Landscape are Brazilian women leading the world when it comes to a key measurement on science. Brazilian women are moving ahead in the [Read more...]

DIY Christmas Gifts for your friends and family

DIY Christmas gifts may be a good idea to make your holiday extra special. No matter the occasion, giving someone a gift you made yourself makes it much more meaningful. Show how special the receiver is to you by putting in some time, effort and love on something handmade. Spread some holiday [Read more...]

Jacqueline Adan

Jacqueline Adan lost 350 lbs with diet and exercise after constant struggle with her weight since she was a kid. After her weight loss she had her first skin removal surgery and she needs 2-3 more to remove the rest of her excess skin. The 30 pounds of extra skin can cause back and neck problems [Read more...]

Seek the World with Calvin Young

Calvin Young quit his Start-Up career to travel the World. He is deaf but does not let his disability affect his dream of travelling around the world. His travel started in September 2014 when he took off with a couple buddies to backpack in Southeast Asia and Europe. So his loved ones where able [Read more...]

Get “RichFluenced”

One of my favorite LinkedIn influencer to follow is Sir Richard Branson. This golden hair founder of Virgin Group is  not just a successful businessman and investor but also a visionary who believes in turning ideas into reality. A true entrepreneur. His posts and quotes inspires others. His [Read more...]
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