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8 Reasons why you should start Powerlifting

Powerlifting is a form of weight lifting sport that focuses on three main lifts, squat, bench press and deadlift. It builds muscle, burns fat, strengthens bones and so much more. If you want to improve athletic performance, compete in powerlifting or just get strong you really should begin to [Read more...]

Pair up – it´s a time for a Buddy Workout

Next few Saturdays we are going to kick off with some buddy workouts, are your ready! Today´s workout is 3 circle of 12 Jump Squats With Clap Stand side by side, one foot apart and facing opposite directions. From the bottom of your squat, simultaneously push off and jump up, bringing arms [Read more...]

Workout Challenge

Take 10 -15 minutes 4-5 mornings a week for yourself to do this workout challenge for the next 30 days, you deserve it. 10 Squats 20 Jumping jacks 30 Seconds plank 10 Burpees 20 Squats 30 Seconds plank 10 Lunges 20 Jumping squats Always remember to stretch after workout, first and foremost your [Read more...]

Top 5 Excuses for Not to Exercise

Sometimes real life intrudes into the best intentions. Before you know it, one skipped workout turns into two and you have dropped out of your routine. I´m too busy If you care about yourself you will find time I´m to tired Actually, working out gives you more energy. While working you your body [Read more...]

Fitness Challenge

If you don´t challenge yourself don´t get results. This 10 minutes fitness challenge is the perfect way to start a strong fitness habit in 2017. Take a 10 minutes per day to work on your health and [Read more...]

How to stay fit over the holidays

Over the holidays we meet more temptation in terms of what we eat and less time to work off those sugar cookies and baked goods at the gym. The holidays however do not have to be a hard time to stay fit, there are lots of ways to stay fit during the holidays. Here are some tips to stay fit during [Read more...]

Our favorite Health and Fitness apps

Most of us spend to much time staring at our phones. So why not to star at something useful and use our phones to help us to lead a healthier life by download Health and Fitness app. Health and Fitness apps can motivate you and help you to track your progress. Here are our favorite apps. [Read more...]

The 10 Exercise Commandments

1. Fuel your body before workout. Your body needs energy to exercise. Your muscles rely on carbohydrate foods like corns, fruits and vegetables for quick energy. Eat some Carbs 30-45 minutes before workout. 2. Warm up, Always. You need to warm up your body to perform your best every time. A good [Read more...]

Why does exercise matter?

Over the decades researches have shown that the positive effects of exercising can be substantial.  Effects like improved heart and lungs function, flexibility and balance for example. It also reduces risk of cancer, high blood pressure, heart disease, osteoporosis and more. Our bodies were meant [Read more...]

Is walking and running one of your exercise choices?

If the answer is yes you probably recognize pain like shin splints, side stitches and muscle cramps. There´s nothing as irritating like pain while working out. Life Fitness has a good advice for you on how to put the pain to bed so you can keep enjoying your exercise. You can read about it here. [Read more...]
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