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It is all about communication!

Every day we communicate in one way or another. We communicate through several channels. Face to face, voice to voice, written to written and so on. Every communication requires both receiver and sender. For the communication to be successful both the sender and the receiver must understand the [Read more...]

Do you manage your money or does it manage you?

Understanding personal finance is not above your head. Everybody can manage their finance with a little bit of help. Well everybody that has some kind of self control and the will to do so. Don´t let your money or the lack of it be the boss of you. Take control! First, by getting a view over your [Read more...]

Colors and some more colors

What to wear to the gym this spring? Colors! Yes, lots of colors. Colorful shirts and tops and both pants and leggings in multiple colors. The rainbow rules this spring and summer. Take a look at what is “new in” from brands like Under Armor, Nike, Lululemon, MPG and more. Have fun [Read more...]

Is walking and running one of your exercise choices?

If the answer is yes you probably recognize pain like shin splints, side stitches and muscle cramps. There´s nothing as irritating like pain while working out. Life Fitness has a good advice for you on how to put the pain to bed so you can keep enjoying your exercise. You can read about it here. [Read more...]

How to succeed?

We all have dreams of success but how can we do it? No one is born successful. We all need to work for success. But how do we succeed? Have a vision. Your vision is your idealized picture of your future. Set goals towards your vision. Remember to have your goals achievable and S.M.A.R.T., Specific, [Read more...]

Some Tranlations…

Would you like some pee cola or do you prefer pet sweat? Seriously this is only the beginning…. take a look at this awesome YouTube [Read more...]


Sometimes we make mistakes and sometimes we make Mistakes. But when others do mistakes… it can be so funny. Lets take a look at this YouTube video and laugh [Read more...]
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