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Are you seeking for career success in 2017?

Most people dream about their career success, but only few live up to their own dream of success. Are you ready to stop being a dreamer and become a doer in 2017? Here are some tips to keep in mind. Get out of your own way Don´t let your own thinking get in your way from acting, trust your gut. [Read more...]

Fitness Challenge

If you don´t challenge yourself don´t get results. This 10 minutes fitness challenge is the perfect way to start a strong fitness habit in 2017. Take a 10 minutes per day to work on your health and [Read more...]

What is your New Year’s resolution?

A New Year’s resolutions can be fun to make but hard to keep. About one of every three people set themselves a New Year’s resolutions, around 75% stick to their goals for a week and less than half are still on their goal six months later. It is hard to keep up the enthusiasm for months but [Read more...]

Indoor Christmas Decorating Ideas from Pinterest

Set a festive holiday mood throughout your house with some Christmas decorating ideas from Pinterest. Every room can use a little bit of Christmas touch. Whether you have a traditional home or prefer a more contemporary Christmas look in your living room, kitchen and entry you can find holiday [Read more...]

Christmas jokes

Why should you never mess with Santa? Because he’s got a black belt. A boy is running around his yard in early December, chanting, “I SO WISH I GOT A NEW BIKE FOR CHRISTMAS!” An elderly man watches him go on for a while, then comes over and says, “Son, what is this about, Santa ain’t [Read more...]

Some of Cultura´s favorite Christmas Songs

We all have our favorite Christmas songs.  Some may be of a traditional nature, other may be original compositions with a more modern flair and some other songs may bring up our childhood memories. Music often sets the tone in our lives.  During this busy Christmas season, please take some time [Read more...]

How to stay fit over the holidays

Over the holidays we meet more temptation in terms of what we eat and less time to work off those sugar cookies and baked goods at the gym. The holidays however do not have to be a hard time to stay fit, there are lots of ways to stay fit during the holidays. Here are some tips to stay fit during [Read more...]

Christmas jokes

An honest politician, a hard-working civil servant and Santa Claus find a 100 dollar bill. Who gets to keep it? Santa does, the other two are creatures of myth and legend. What kind of a bike does Santa ride in his spare time? A Holly Davidson. Two women are chatting, “I took my husband to [Read more...]

Healthier Christmas Treats

When it comes to snacks and treats, temptation is all around us at Christmas. Here are some of our favorite healthier options. Orange Hot Chocolate by Zoella Healthy & Easy Snack Ideas by aWildflowerLife Holiday Cookies and Chocolate by Meghan Rienks Healthy Winter Treat Ideas by Cambria [Read more...]
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